Cleaning up communities with #InTheLoop

How #InTheLoop are making a difference to the community in Lambeth this July.

The environment is important to us here at Coca‑Cola, and it’s critical that we do as much as possible to cut waste, clean up and make a positive impact. As such, we’re particularly happy to share Lambeth as the next location to benefit from the #InTheLoop campaign, with support from The Coca‑Cola Foundation.

As part of the three-month #InTheLoop campaign, new solar compacting recycling and litter bins will be installed, plus a coffee cup recycling trial in Brixton and the street cleaning operatives’ barrows will be rebranded as ‘mobile recycling points’.

#InTheLoop will see 80 new bins (40 pairs of recycling and rubbish bins) introduced across Waterloo, Vauxhall, Brixton, Clapham, Streatham, and Norwood, strategically placed in busy areas to benefit a wide range of residents, visitors and commuters, encouraging them to recycle on-the-go.

Smart tech will also be embraced as part of the campaign, with the bins using solar compacting technology, and smart sensors that can detect how full the bin actually is. This means it’s possible to capture even more waste, with the bins needing to be emptied less often. And of course, they also feature the #InTheLoop bright design and clear messaging to help reduce contamination.

The bins will collect empty glass, plastic bottles, cans and will replace the current infrastructure that has faced issues with contamination in the past.

Introducing a new coffee cup recycling trial

A coffee cup recycling trial will play an integral part of the campaign, taking place in Brixton, with dedicated cup recycling bins positioned in Brixton town centre.

Finally, street cleaning operatives’ barrows have been rebranded as ‘mobile recycling points’. They are operated by the council’s waste contractor, Serco, to make it even easier for people to recycle on-the-go. If there are no recycling bins nearby, anyone passing a street cleaning operative can give them their empty glass, plastic bottles, cans and coffee cups to be recycled.

Together, this can make a huge difference to the London borough of Lambeth. A recent analysis of the current on-street bins showed that 74% of coffee cups incorrectly end up in the recycling bins, while only 60% of plastic bottles, cans and glass end up in the correct bins.

Throughout the campaign, the amount of material collected will be monitored, helping us to track the impact that #InTheLoop has when it comes to cleaning up local communities. It’s just one of the actions being taken as part of Coca‑Cola’s World Without Waste ambition to solve the world’s packaging problems through clever design, driving collection rates and working with partners to make a difference.