coke-zero in a hand in a bottling plant

Less Sugar, More Choices in Great Britain

At Coca‑Cola Great Britain, we are on a mission to craft drinks that people love while ensuring choice.

Our sugar reduction journey began 40 years ago with Diet Coke’s introduction to the UK market. We have continued to grow our low and no-sugar range through the introduction of additional brands like Coke Zero and Fanta Zero, with this innovation process accelerating over the past decade.

We are committed to adding new options for consumers and we will continue to reformulate our drinks in response to changing consumer tastes. Our aim is to help people reduce the sugar they consume while continue to offer consumers a choice of great tasting drinks. As a product category, soft drinks contribute just 1.5% of calorie intake to shopping baskets.

Our Journey

Coca‑Cola Great Britain has been on a journey to reduce sugar in our drinks for the last 40 years, while also increasing choice. We have: 


  • Reformulated 43 products and launched 100 new low-and-zero-sugar drinks since 2010
  • Removed over 52,000 tonnes of sugar from our portfolio
  • Lead all our soft drink marketing with low and zero sugar drinks 
  • Launched 91 new low-no calorie drinks since 2010
  • Introduced a Diet or Zero alternative for most of our brands
  • Two-thirds of the drinks we sell are either low or no-calorie, a 22% increase since 2015