Coca‑Cola Global Sustainability Vision

How Coca‑Cola’s vision aims to support the environment for a better future for all.



Like everyone, here at Coca‑Cola, we care about our planet. That was the driving force in establishing our World Without Waste goals, and while we continue to make progress against these targets, we are challenging ourselves to do more.

Today, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, and our aim is to get more of it back so that it can be recycled and turned into new packaging again.

Explore our World Without Waste report to hear more about our actions and ambitions.

The Coca‑Cola portfolio of products relies on ingredients not only to make our beverages but also to package them. Ensuring these ingredients are sustainably sourced is a key priority for us, and is essential to our efforts on climate resilience, water security, human rights, and sustainable packaging.

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Climate change impacts all of us, which is why at Coca‑Cola we have a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our value chain. As climate change leads to more extreme weather and increased water stress, more sustainable agricultural practices will play a vital role in promoting resilience across our supply chain and in the communities that produce our agricultural ingredients.

We are building on the progress of decarbonising our system by going beyond our 2020 climate goal. Now, by 2030, our science-based target is to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared with a baseline set in 2015.

Read on and find out how Coca‑Cola is driving sustainability and preserving the environment for a better future for all.

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