Building on the success of attached caps, where Coca‑Cola introduced new attached caps to 1.5L bottles of Fanta, Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, and Diet Coke, we’re now rolling out the innovative attached cap design to include 500ml bottles across our brands.

We live in a world where waste is a huge issue, and recycling is a complex challenge. At Coca‑Cola Great Britain, we already produce bottles out of 100% recycled materials. By using 100% recycled materials to make our bottles, we are saving 29,000 tonnes of virgin plastic – the equivalent of 2,292 double decker buses!

This is however just the beginning of a journey when it comes to making our packaging as sustainable as possible. We’re committed to creating a World Without Waste, and we are working towards an industry-first goal of helping to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can we sell worldwide by 2030.

Achieving such an ambitious goal isn’t just about the materials we use for our packaging but also how we collect, recycle, and reuse drink bottles and caps.

Introducing attached caps across a wider range of beverages

Earlier in 2022, Coca‑Cola announced the availability of an innovative new design for our bottles across Great Britain. By introducing bottles with attached caps, it enabled us to take another step towards a World Without Waste. While our bottles have been 100% recyclable for many years, the caps themselves – which are also recyclable – have often been forgotten about and discarded.

By having a cap that stays connected to the bottle after opening we are reducing the potential for it to be lost or become litter, while still giving consumers an enjoyable drinking experience.

The new attached caps design was initially implemented on 1.5L bottles of:

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar

Diet Coke

Fanta Zero

Coca‑Cola Attached Caps on 500ml Bottles

Following the success of attached caps, Coca‑Cola Great Britain is now extending the roll out of attached caps to our 500ml bottles as well, as part of a packaging development across our entire portfolio, which will help to improve recycling rates and prevent waste.

Coca‑Cola attached caps can now be found on 500ml bottles on the following drinks:

Coca‑Cola Original Taste

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar

Diet Coke

Fanta Zero

Jon Woods, General Manager at Coca‑Cola Great Britain, explains: “This small but significant change helps to ensure that when consumers recycle our bottles, the caps stay attached and don’t get left behind as litter.

“We know consumers in Great Britain want to dispose of packaging in the right way, and we want to help them do that. We’re pleased to share this change, and we will continue to innovate and create more sustainable ways to enjoy our products.”

Building on this success, we have plans to steadily roll out attached caps across all Coca‑Cola brands and pack sizes by early 2024.