Win big with Coca‑Cola

For every Coca‑Cola you buy, that is your chance to win big and get the right taste of Real Magic. Every week, you get your ticket to win a 1800 CC car under each cap of the bottle. The best part is, it’s done in three easy steps. Find the code, give a missed call on the given number and dial the code after the call back. That’s not all, head over to your nearest store and present your code to claim another ice cold 500ML absolutely free. Get your Coca‑Cola and let the Real Magic unfold before your eyes.


Coca‑Cola 1.5 ltr, Sprite 1.5 ltr, Fanta 1.5 ltr, Sprite 500ml, Fanta 500ml

Yes, it will have a yellow cap that says “open to win”

Buy a bottle with a yellow cap which is part of the promo.

Look for a code under the cap. 

If you find the code, give a missed call on 0345-2653999. 

You will receive a callback in 60 seconds. 

Upon receiving callback, give your details to enter your code for the weekly lucky draw.

500ml of Coca‑Cola, 500ml of Sprite or 500ml of Fanta

Through a digital lucky draw. The winner will also receive a phone call on the number they register for the promo.

Not every cap will not have a code. If you don’t find a code under your yellow cap, try again! You will be sure to win next time!

The user may face this issue due to the service network provider's connectivity issue. The user can try calling again.

This could be due to network congestion, participant being out of coverage area, or network unavailable. In these cases, the participants may face a delay in receiving the callback. If the participant doesn't receive the call in one minute, they should try again.

The user must make sure that there's enough balance to make the missed call.

If the call ends due to any reason during the call, the entry will be wasted. The user would have to make the call again.

You will only be asked to record your name, phone number, and age along with the code found under the closure. You will NEVER be asked to give any details like CNIC or bank details through the automated call.