Alliance for Water Stewardship: The Coca‑Cola Export Corporation, CPS Plant Pakistan

Coca‑Cola recognizes that water is essential to its business and to the communities where it operates, and we are committed to being responsible stewards of this vital resource. We want to do this by improving water availability, quality, access, and governance, and taking a more granular watershed-based approach. ‘’We’re focusing on doing what matters most, where it matters most.”

To further improve Water Security, CPS Pakistan is among the 7 Leadership CPS locations that are aiming to conduct Alliance for Water Stewardship Certification Audit in 2023. The purpose of this certification is to understand and manage our impact on water usage, and to engage and communicate transparently with stakeholders on sustainable water management within the specific catchment area. As a responsible participant in this endeavor, our motive is to address common water challenges within the shared watershed and to identify potential opportunities to support our cause.

Our site water-saving initiatives represent a significant step towards achieving AWS certification. We have implemented various strategies to minimize our water footprint, including water metering, 100% reuse of treated process wastewater for gardening and road washing, rainwater harvesting, and the elimination of raw water usage for road washing. These efforts not only reduce water consumption but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Furthermore, the certification process requires the alignment of all local stakeholders — both within and outside of our Site Boundary. As a first step, CPS Pakistan has engaged with Neighboring Communities to better understand the shared water challenges and opportunities in the defined catchment area.

Our commitment to AWS certification has also led to fruitful collaborations with Assistant Commissioner Raiwind with whom we conducted a knowledge sharing session based on the data collected in the catchment area and the site water stewardship efforts, to demonstrate support for the benefit of local community.

Our AWS Journey