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smart hydration for every occasion

two bottles of smartwater original

smartwater flavors

flavored water infused with refreshing fruit flavors

two bottles of smartwater original

smartwater in cans

get ready for a smart new way to sip. smartwater now comes in slim, sippable cans.

two smartwater cans

about smartwater

we've refreshed

it’s the same smart hydration with a smart new look—because sometimes you just gotta refresh.

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the water: it's pure genius

each drop of smartwater is purified through vapor distillation, a process inspired by the clouds.

every sip tastes pure and crisp, nothing added except electrolytes for taste: a purely balanced pH and a pure flavor make it a smart way to hydrate throughout the day.

The phrase "it's pure genius." in front of a drop of water on with background

Bringing you safe, great tasting water is our top priority. Read our water reports here.