Dallas, TX

About Dallas

Ready for potato burritos, tattoo art, and a record store dance off? Then come with DJ, producer, and illustrator, DJ Sober to Dallas and check out his favorite local gems. Don’t worry if you tear your jeans getting here, we’ll repair them on the way.

Your Guide: DJ Sober

Instagram: @djsober

A Dallas native who has gained widespread recognition for his masterfully styled fits, and innate ability to command giant crowds with only two turntables.

Golden Rooster Tattoo


If you're looking for tattoo flash as inspiration, look no further. Golden Rooster is home to the most talented tattoo artists in Dallas. Ask for Ben.

A tattoo illustration

Dallas Denim Repair


If you're looking for unique eyewear and someone to fix your 501’s, you've come to the right place.

An illustration of a sweing machine

Olmo Market


A cozy local market that is home to iconic tacos, potato burritos, tote bags, and great owners Cindy Pedraza Puente & chef Paul Hernandez.

An illustration of Olmo Market

Spinster Records


When you go to Spinster Records you will be greeted by a cast of unique and intriguing music junkies. Also home to incredible records, turntables, and its own sweet merch.

An illustration of Spinster Records

Kidd Springs Park

A place to wind down, meditate by waterfalls, follow baby ducks, frolic, and forget about the monotony of an office desk

Map Artist

Ryan Dean Sprague

Dallas-based artist. Ryan is an absolute legend in the art community. His work has been seen all over the world and now right here on Dallas’s very own flavor map.

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