Phoenix, AZ

About Phoenix

You down with giant glowing mannequins, giant piles of furry stuffed animals, and key lime pie? Good. Us too. Join local street artist Ashley Macias as she takes us on a flavor-filled tour of her very own Phoenix.

Your Guide: Ashley Macias

Instagram: @ashleymacias_

Phoenix Native. A highly influential local mixed media artist known for her intricate murals, digitals illustrations, and commissioned paintings. She has become somewhat of a local hero in the art and culture scene of Phoenix.

Eightyseven Shop


Neon walls & giant piles of furry stuffed animals is just scratching the surface of this local gem nestled in the heart of Phoenix.

A woman with sunglsses illustration

The Pemberton


A trendy and innovative adult playground taking Phoenix by storm. Inside you can shop with local vendors, watch drag shows, and eat great food. A must visit destination.

A food-truck illustration

Arthaus Gallery


A community staple for Phoenix’s local art scene. Home to endless, ever-changing pieces from artists all over the world.

An illustration of a hand holding a spray

Ollie Vaughns


Mouth-watering food creations that will make you wish you knew how to cook better.

An illustration of a fork on a piece of pie

Central Records


A must visit destination for anyone looking for good records and good, kind people.

A illustration of a box with records

Map Artist

Tanner Christiansen

Phoenix native with bespoke desert-inspired signature style. You can witness Tanner’s bold characters and abstract cacti all over the Phoenix.

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