Denver, CO

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Who’s in the mood for mind blowing art galleries, jazz clubs, and dangerously fun power tools? If so, come take a ride with local graffiti artist Thomas Evans as he embarks on a bespoke tour of his very own Denver. Look out grandma, we’re coming over.

Your Guide: Thomas Evans, AKA Detour

Instagram: @detour303

Denver Local. Thomas is a prolific street muralist, social media art teacher, and underground graffiti legend. Don't tell anybody.

Denver Tool Library


A local Denver staple where you can rent power tools, lawn equipment, and woodworking supplies.

A toolbox illustration

Lawrence + Larimer


The first black-owned clothing shop in Denver with a unique array of products ranging from vintage memorabilia, clothing, candles, eyewear, and even a local podcast.

A hoodie illustration

Grandma's House


A place where you can devour pizza, watch drag shows, sit front row during amateur wrestling, and stare at little porcelain trinkets that will remind you of grandma.

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Ryan Joseph Gallery


A major staple to Denver’s art community, Ryan Joseph Gallery has been home to many masterfully curated exhibits featuring artists from all over the world.

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Dazzle Jazz


Denver's oldest jazz club and a mandatory touring stop for some of the best local and national jazz musicians alike.

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Map Artist

Sofie Birkin

A British illustrator currently living in Denver. Sofie is known for her unique and captivating subject matter and masterful use of color.

map artist Sopie Birkin

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