New York City, NY

About New York City

If you like delicious aged meats, art-filled flea markets, and underground, independently-owned venues, you’re going to want to check out multi-talented artist Richi Cadrouce’s journey across New York City. No metro card needed.

Your Guide: Richi Cadrouce


A multi-talented New Yorker, fashionista, musician, and culinary expert. Get ready for his unforgettable schlep through the city that never sleeps.

Canaima Food Truck


The most fire arepas in Williamsburg, hands down.

A motor bus illustration

Foster Sundry


A local Brooklyn staple with an eclectic offering ranging from aged meats, to delicious baked goods, and wonderfully stinky cheeses.

An illustration of a heap of foods and goods

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg


A local feast for the senses. Home to an array of vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, art, and much more.

An illustration of art items

Brooklyn Monarch


Local food truck serving the best melts in town. Better hurry-up and grab a grilled cheese masterpiece before they sell out.

Brooklyn Monarch illustraton

Fandi Mata


A warm and inviting Oaxacan atmosphere where you’ll be greeted by a riot of intricate colored tiles, exotic lush plants, and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine.

Fandi Mata illustration

Map Artist

Sandra Jockus

A Berlin artist now living in NYC. Known for infusing puppies into her art and her masterful command of hue transitions across her work. Her flavor map is as vibrant and colorful as the city she lives in.

map artist Sandra Jockus

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Topo Chico Sabores

Topo Chico Sabores are made with real fruit juice with a hint of herbal extracts, paired with the signature minerality & exceptional effervescence for an elevated taste on a healthier indulgence.

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