"Let no one cut your wings!!"

Your ideas, your wishes …… your creativity, since most of the time, these are interrupted by those who try to “clip our wings”. I mean those people who give us a negative comment, who question your abilities or interrupt natural growth.

If we let and nurture our ideas from the root, they will grow strong and healthy, and one day they will fly, come true, just like the flower stalks that stealthily guard those buds that will bloom.

Let no one cut your dreams!

Do not yell at you with the edge of the scissors! Let them not cut off your new thoughts and let that butterfly that was kept for a time in the dark cocoon of feelings flourish in you.

Let no one cut your emotions!

That you laugh, cry, suffer and enjoy all the spaces that life gives you! That is why we are here, to live each moment with intensity and vulnerability."

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