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COKE STUDIO™ is a disruptive global music platform that brings the most exciting emerging and breakthrough artists from all corners of the world together to create ‘Real Magic’ – music collisions that transcend geographical borders, backgrounds and music genres to reach audiences around the world.

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Taste Coke Studio’s new drop, an original collaboration between Jon Batiste, Camilo, J.I.D, Cat Burns, and NewJeans. Because only when we are true to ourselves, we can fully connect with others. And create Real Magic moments.

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Scan a Coke can to enter our COKE STUDIO™ Record Store, where you will be able to explore virtual, immersive artist worlds and complete a series of mini games. The main quest? Collect the four albums hidden throughout the COKE STUDIO™ Record Store.

Featured Artist Nasty C

The multi-award winning, platinum selling South African musician originates from Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, and has been dubbed the "Coolest kid in Africa.” His international recognition led to his 2020 signing to Def Jam US and the release of his third album Zulu Man With Some Power, which saw him making global waves.  

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COKE STUDIO™ features 17 of some of the biggest breakthrough music artists from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Korea and Philippines. Check them out below!

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