Cocktails Made Simple

Limoncello Cocktail with Simply Lemonade® Recipe

Limoncellos are sweet Italian cocktails that take just a few key ingredients to make perfectly every time.

Simply Lemonade® Limoncello Cocktail

Peach Whiskey Sour with Simply® Mixology Recipe

This take on a Whiskey Sour blends the sweetness of peaches with the bitterness of lemons for a complex cocktail you can enjoy year round.

Simply Peach Whiskey Sour

Paloma with Simply Grapefruit® Recipe

Enhance your spring vibes and enjoy a refreshing grapefruit cocktail with the Simply Grapefruit Paloma recipe. Add jalapeno slices for a little kick!

Simply Grapefruit® Paloma

Blueberry Basil Royale with Simply Lemonade® Recipe

Refreshment is always welcome, especially when you throw a little vodka in it. Kick your feet up and enjoy this sweet and citrusy cocktail.

Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry Cocktail Recipe

Holiday Sangria with Simply Cranberry® Recipe

A pitcher of Holiday Sangria will add instant cheer to your holiday table this year. Make your own with this easy sangria recipe.

Simply Holiday Sangria Recipe

Peachy Gin Tonic with Simply® Mixology Recipe

This light-drinking twist on a classic gin and tonic adds an extra sweet punch of refreshing fruit flavor to your glass.

Simply Peachy Gin Tonic

Moscow Mule with Simply Orange® Recipe

Mix vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice with the fresh-squeezed taste of Simply Orange to make this twist on a Moscow Mule.

Simply Orange® Moscow Mule Recipe

Classic Lime Margarita with Simply® Mixology Recipe

A Classic Lime Margarita will add life to any party. Simply follow the recipe below to start crafting the perfect vibe for your next get-together.

Simply Classic Lime Margarita

Daiquiri with Simply Tropical® Recipe

With just a few simple ingredients, you escape to a tropical state of mind. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!

Simply Tropical® Daiquiri

Tequila Sunset with Simply® Mixology Recipe

This light-drinking twist on a classic margarita adds an extra punch of fruit flavor to your favorite marg.

Simply Sunset with Tequila

Margarita with Simply Tropical® Recipe

The sweet taste of Simply Tropical Juice Drink combines with the tart taste of Simply Limeade to create this refreshing summertime margarita.

Simply Tropical® Margarita

Pina Colada with Simply Pineapple® Recipe

Picture yourself on a nice sandy beach as you mix up this tangy take on the vacation classic. Simply follow the recipe below and enjoy.

Simply Pineapple Pina Colada

Margarita with Simply Grapefruit® Recipe

Simply Grapefruit adds a citrus twist to the traditional margarita, making it oh so refreshing.

Simply Grapefruit® Margarita

Whiskey Sour with Simply Apple® Recipe

When the weather outside is frightful, warm up with something delightful—a whiskey sour made with Simply Apple.

Simply Apple® Whiskey Sour

Tranquilo Tequila Sunrise with Simply Orange® Recipe

Throw in a jalapeno for a spicy yet refreshing twist on a classic tequila sunrise. It’s so smooth you’ll want to kick your feet up and sip all day.

Simply Orange® Tranquilo Tequila Sunrise Recipe

Sunset Sangria with Simply Lemonade® Recipe

Take some time to enjoy the sunset and sip on our Simply Sunset Sangria. Try this delicious white wine sangria recipe.

Simply Sunset Sangria made with Simply Lemonade® with Raspberry

Sangria with Simply Fruit Punch® Recipe

A summer BBQ isn’t complete without a fruitful pitcher of Sangria made with Simply Fruit Punch.

Simply Fruit Punch® Sangria

Fiery Mule with Simply Peach® Recipe

Warm up the conversation around the firepit with this tasty moscow mule recipe. Try the Simply Peach™ Fiery Mule recipe and bask in the warm glow!

Simply Peach™ Fiery Mule Recipe

Brewmosa with Simply® Light Orange Recipe

Hosting brunch? Our Simply Brewmosa is the perfect complement to any brunch.

Simply Brewmosa Recipe - Made with Simply® Light Orange

Strawberry Guava Mojito with Simply® Mixology Recipe

Bursting with berry flavor and a touch of the tropics—this sweet take on a Mojito pairs strawberries with guava.

Simply Strawberry Guava Mojito