Houston, TX

About Houston

In the mood for glowing trees, wrestling tees, and a look into Bane’s underground layer? Join photographer William Wood on an epic journey across Houston, Texas as he explores his local staples.

Your Guide: William Wood


A Houston native, seasoned foodie, and talented photographer known for capturing raw and authentic moments with his camera.

Buffalo Bayou - Cistern


Imagine The Ninja Turtles and Bane had a hangout area. It would probably look like the Buffalo Bayou Cistern. An old underground drinking water reservoir turned into an art exhibit for light artists, singing bowl performers, and much more.

An illustration of a Buffalo Bayou



Get the wood-roasted mushroom bamba rice! Enough said.

A waiter bear illustration

Petty Cash


Into vintage? How about sneakers? Okay, but what about wrestling shirts? Then Petty Cash is the spot you have to check out. A must-visit place staple Houston.

A sneaker illustration



They have swinging chairs, giant glowing trees, live bands, and killer food. You can’t leave Houston without going to Axelrad.

A bass illustration

Cactus Music


Houston's historic record shop. Keeping music alive one record at a time since 1947.

A cactus illustration

Map Artist

Jared Hensley

A Houston-based digital artist widely known for his unique and visually striking character design. These bold flavorful digital masterpieces can be seen on full display on his version of flavor maps.

map artist Jared Hensley

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Topo Chico Sabores

Topo Chico Sabores are made with real fruit juice with a hint of herbal extracts, paired with the signature minerality & exceptional effervescence for an elevated taste on a healthier indulgence.

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