Catch the K-Wave

Celebrate the unstoppable energy of K-Pop fans with 
Coca‑Cola® K-Wave, the latest from Coca‑Cola Creations.


Ride the K-Wave and you could win a trip to Incheon, South Korea

Enter for your chance to win a trip to South Korea and experience all your favorite K-Pop bands from the home of K-Pop itself. You won’t want to
miss this one. 

No pur nec. 15+. Ends 3/31. Rules here.

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Check out our K-Wave artists

Coca‑Cola® is bringing together some of the biggest names in K-Pop to celebrate the arrival of the latest Coca‑Cola® Creations.

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Coca Cola® K-Wave is everything K-Pop in one place

When you’re into K-Pop, we’ve got you covered with Coca‑Cola® K-Wave. Because for the first time ever, we’ve infused the Korean culture, music and experience into one place - topped up with prizes and unique experiences like never before. Available for a limited time only.

Coca‑Cola® K-Wave is officially crashing over the world

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Zero Sugar goes full K-Pop

Zero Sugar goes K-Pop

Join now for all things Coca‑Cola® Creations!

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K-Pop fans, meet Coca‑Cola® K-Wave

K-Wave combines that classic Coca‑Cola taste with an additional burst of fruit flavor and K-Pop magic. Imagine the global appeal and universal excitement of your favorite K-Pop band — all captured in the new Coca‑Cola Creations drop. We’re talking liquid innovation that translates in every language no matter where you are in the world. But it’s only available for a limited time.

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OMG It’s Here!

Shop our limited-edition Coca‑Cola® K-Wave collection, the latest from Coca‑Cola Creations, and show off your devotion to the unstoppable energy of K-Pop! Exclusively on the official 
Coca‑Cola Store.

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