How to Get the Gig

For your chance to become a Guru of Deliciousness, you just need to do two things:

  1. Fill out the entry form
  2. Post a sip audition on TikTok
On a yellow and orange soft gradient background two sticky notes are visible in purple and yellow. The purple sticky note has a checklist that says “Perks” as the title with a list below it checked off that says: One Month Supply of Fanta Theme Park Tickets Free Meals Travel Opportunities Attached to the purple sticky note is a gold heart sticker and happy face emoji sticking out a green tongue with dollar signs on the eyes and tongue  On the yellow sticking note is a title that says “Requirements” with a lit below it  checked off that says: Have a Mouth Have a Love for Fanta Have a Phone Must be 16+ Years Old Above the yellow sticky note is a sticker of green alien

What Does a 
⭐ Guru of Deliciousness ⭐

  1. ✨ Sip Lip-Smackingly Delicious Fanta ✨ 
  2. 📱 Post Yourself Sipping Said Fanta 📱
  3. 💰 Get $10,000 💰
    🔥 All Month Long 🔥


No purchase necessary. 50 US/DC, 16+. Ends 6/14. Rules: click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entry period for this contest will be from June 3 - June 14, 2024.

You must be 16 years old or older to participate. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, your parent or legal guardian will be required to accept the prize on your behalf.

Yes, all confirmed winners will receive a digital prize payment of $2,000 per week, plus a bunch of extras, like trips, merch, gifts, and more. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


There are two main parts to your entry: the “dAine Bot” interaction, and the TikTok video post. You must complete both parts for your entry to be judged, and only your first post will be considered!

The Fanta “dAine Bot” is an AI-powered chatbot experience that provides an easy and fun way to submit your entry into the Fanta Help Wanta’d Contest.

We collect your Name, Email, Date of Birth, and social handles (e.g.TikTok) of the individual who enters the contest. 

Coca‑Cola stores the responses you provide to the “dAine Bot” in order to later evaluate your contest entry and perform selection of tentative winners.  For more information about processing of personal information by Coca‑Cola, see our Privacy Notice.

No, we don't use your personal data or other information you provide to train the AI platform.

Conversations will not be made public and will be deleted upon conclusion on the Contest.  If you choose to register a Coca‑Cola account, your data will be retained as outlined in Coca‑Cola’s Privacy Notice

There will be a total of three (3) winners, all of whom will be crowned a Fanta Guru of Deliciousness!

We need your handle to match your “dAine Bot” answers with your TikTok post so your full entry can be judged. If you are a tentative winner, we may reach out via DM on TikTok so make sure you’re following @[Fanta]!


From June 17 - June 25, 2024, all eligible entries will be judged according to the criteria listed in the Official Rules. Beginning on or around June 26, 2024, tentative winners will be contacted to confirm their acceptance and complete all necessary paperwork.

a. All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: 

i. Appropriateness to the public image of the Sponsor – 40%: Does the video meet the Fanta brand mission and values? Does the video convey an optimistic and enthusiastic tone? Does the video prominently feature Fanta products? Does the video utilize the Fanta jingle sound on TikTok? Is the person drinking or pretending to drink Fanta?

ii. Originality/Creativity – 30%: How creative, original and interesting is the video Audition? Does the video appeal to Fanta’s target market?

iii. Quality – 30%: Is the video of good quality (i.e., good lighting, not pixelated)? Does the video have appropriate, audible sound?

b. For the full set of criteria please see the Official Rules. Judging will take into account the user’s “dAine Bot” responses and TikTok submission.

After you go through the “dAine Bot” experience you will receive an email letting you know your submission was received. From there you will be prompted to post your audition on TikTok.

Tentative winners will receive an email with the paperwork needed to be confirmed a winner. All winners will be considered tentative until the required paperwork is completed and returned to the Administrator within the specified timeframe. If this paperwork is not returned to the Administrator, or if a tentative winner chooses to not accept the prize, an alternate winner will be chosen. For more details on winner notification, please see the Official Rules.

If your Entry was not selected, you will receive an email with an update to thank you for your participation.

a. Winners get to help plan and customize their experience to their preferences, all to help design  great content for Fanta! Each winner’s final plan may differ, but trips, hometown excursions, brand gifts, and more will be included. Our Guru of Deliciousness will get to experience all of this just by posting a minimum of four (4) Fanta team-approved TikToks per week. For more details on winner requirements, please see the Official Rules

b. I don’t live in the US. Can I participate?

i. Unfortunately no, this is for US residents only. Keep an eye out for other fun Fanta opportunities in your area soon!