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The clock is ticking, and you still haven't solved this flavour mystery. Don’t settle with the one guess, keep them coming because who knows, the flavour that we might reveal, could be your lucky guess. 

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A new mysterious journey awaits you 

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Fanta. This year, we are all about being extravagant, so we are going to run these streets. No, we mean literally! We are taking you on a twisted journey as you run through the streets of Mzansi to find Novel Fanta Token (NFT) clues that will help you guess the indulgent new #WhatTheFanta flavour. Everything hides in plain sight, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth the while.

Let the flavour hunt begin, remember there are prizes to be won, from the new iPhone 15s, Airbnb experiences, crocs and vouchers you don’t want to miss out on this adventure!

Limited Novel Fanta Tokens (NFTs) to be found - 1 flavour to guess

This is a flavour hunt like no other. The whole of Mzansi is yours to conquer, find where the #WhatTheFanta NFTs are hidden and you could unlock mystery flavour clues, exclusive prizes, Fanta merch, and more. Get them first and watch out for the decoys.

Meet the Fabulous Moghelingz

This is your ally! Stalk, follow, and engage with him for clue drops and hints. You will never know where it might lead you.  

Need some clues? 

Tickle your brain with a riddle or clue, play around with a hint or two and maybe you will laugh when you find out what’s in the clue. Can you stick to our trail and piece all our clues together?  

Got what it takes to solve this flavour mystery?   

Solved the mystery yet?

You’ve crossed out all your T’s, dotted all your eyes and now you’ve got the money on the prize. Could your guess be the one that shuts down the flavour mystery? It’s now time to trust your instincts and make your guess. 

Are your taste buds curious? Buy your Fanta flavour from our retail partners, and maybe a taste may spark an idea to solving this mystery flavour.