Got what it takes?

Sometimes the answers are right under your nose. Go over the clues once twice, upside down, right way up and maybe you will figure it out. Good Luck! 

Clue 1

My home is across the deep blue seas
But it’s not where I’m celebrated
I was brought to this land by the Swedes
And people of other nations is where I was created

Clue 2

I am used in a phrase that describes a certain country’s culture. 

Clue 3

My friendship circle can get a bit messy. 

Clue 4

On the 14th of July mom knows I go well with fireworks.

Clue 5

Fake ones want to be me, what a mockery, but they can’t crack it, I’ve got the real spice.

Clue 6

I am sugar and spice, and all things nice, But a little bit on the bitter side to make me the perfect slice

Clue 7

I’m the staple that holds a nation together